Decades of Experience in Lock Rekey Services

Sunnybank Locksmith Brisbane offers rekey services for home, office, and car locks.

You can either get new locks installed on your doors or rekey all the existing locks. House and apartment rekeying allow you to render old or lost keys ineffective without actually changing the entire lock. As long as your whole lock is in good shape, this saves you money. Rekeying is the right solution for the security of your home or apartment.

Pofessional rekey locksmiths can rekey all types of locks like mortise locks, deadbolt locks, high-security locks, or even stealth locks. They can also rekey locks, pins, tumblers, etc. When locksmiths rekey your house/apartment, they take your locks apart and rearrange or rekey the tumblers. 

To rekey a lock, a reputable locksmith will transform the inside pinning so that the old key no longer functions, but a brand-new key will. They can also make a master key for your house that opens all the locks in your office, house, or apartment.

Why rekey your locks?

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Here are some scenarios where you have to get your locks rekeyed:

  • You have recently moved into a new home and need to make sure that the previous owners/tenants no longer have access to your home
  • You have hired a painter, electrician, or contractor to work on your home and need to give them a set of keys. Once the work is done, rekey your locks.
  • You have recently hired a babysitter or nanny. Assuming it’s a one-time thing, you better get your keys redone at once to prevent any theft. 
  • You lost, misplaced, or broke your existing keys and need to prevent someone from finding or fixing the keys and opening your locks
  • Rekeying can also be done when all your locks are the same brand or keyhole and you want a master key system to be implemented. Professional locksmiths can rekey your locks so they can all be opened with the same key. This master key will eliminate the need for carrying around multiple keys.

Rekey services should be done regularly anyway for precautionary purposes. Burglars and intruders rely on people to be lazy and not rekey their locks for years, enabling the criminals to illegally access your property. Don’t give them this luxury.

Request one of the nearby locksmiths to rekey your locks and be stress-free. Find a rekey service locksmith in your area by searching online. You can also call and talk to a local locksmith company and make sure that they can take care of your door locks by mentioning the specific lock manufacturer and brand.  

Need a Professional Locksmith?

Call Sunnybank Locksmith Brisbane for locksmith services.

Why is Sunnybank Locksmith Brisbane the right locksmith for rekeying in Brisbane, Queensland?

If you have the time and know your way around the Brisbane area, you can bring the locks or original keys to Sunnybank Locksmith Brisbane in Brisbane Queensland. We will get to work quickly and finish the job while you wait. You can also contact us and we will send a licensed locksmith to your home, office, or automotive within 30 minutes in most cases.

Always get rekeying in Brisbane done from a trusted specialist like Sunnybank Locksmith Brisbane. We have been offering rekey services to the whole of Brisbane for over 20 years with happy customers in the State of Queensland.

  • Sunnybank Locksmith Brisbane has a team of dedicated locksmiths who can rekey most types of locks. We also manage keyless entry systems for home security and office security. 
  • Our trained locksmiths can come to your location at any time of the night or day. We take care of any security system, security camera, and security hardware.
  • Be it house door locks, mailbox locks, office lock upgrade, business locks, or store door locks, we handle all your rekey needs. 
  • Our professional locksmiths ensure that the rekey process is thorough. We do it right the first time.
  • Our pricing for lock rekeying service is transparent with no hidden charges. You pay only for the labor and the parts.

When you redo something, always make sure that you get the best result this time around.. If you have to rekey in Brisbane, get it done by professionals, Sunnybank Locksmith Brisbane. We are a trusted lock company and experts in rekeying in Brisbane. 

Call Sunnybank Locksmith Brisbane now at (07) 3123 5937 for rekey services in Brisbane, Queensland.